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ProGuard ADV

The Ultimate Prostate Protection

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Did You Know?

Interesting Facts About Prostate:

  • The prostate is located underneath the bladder and when a man ages it can cause urinary issues, such as incontinence.

  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostatitis or prostate cancer can all cause an enlarged prostate.

  • About 50% of men between the age of 51 and 60 have Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH).

  • Men with enlarged prostates are more prone to develop urinary tract infections (UTIs)

  • Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in American men and the third most common cancer in Malaysia with a lifetime risk of 1 in 117 men.

The prostate plays a key role in several functions, including:

  • Boosts your sexual capability.

  • Filters and removes toxins for the protection of the sperm.

  • Responsible for sealing off the entry from the bladder into the urethra with the help of a muscle called a sphincter. This prevents the flow of urine during sexual intercourse.

  • Produces seminal fluid.

  • The muscle of the prostate ensures forceful expulsion of the semen into the urethra and outwards during ejaculation.

Common Signs of Enlarge Prostate

  • Finding it difficult to start peeing

  • Straining to pee

  • Having a weak flow of urine

  • "Stop-start" peeing

  • Needing to pee urgently and/or frequently

  • Needing to get up frequently in the night to pee

  • Accidentally leaking urine (urinary incontinence)


Product Highlight

What is Sabalselect®?

  • It is a highly standardized Serenoa repens (normally known as saw palmetto) extract that has proven efficacy in maintaining healthy prostate function and supporting healthy bladder activity.

  • Several mechanism studies support the action of Sabalselect® activity on 5-reductase modulation.

  • Obtained with a unique extraction (hypercritical CO2) process that defines a reproducible phytochemical profile.

Product Details and Dosage

Each ProGuard ADV softgel contains: Sabalselect (Serenoa repens berry) fruit extract 160mg (providing Serena repens dried fruit 1440mg, providing fatty acids 144mg) Cucurbita pepo seed oil (Pumpkin Seed) 200mg Lycopene extract 2.5mg

Directions: Take 1 softgel two times daily after meal​ Keep it in a cool, dry place. Keep out of children's reach. Contraindicated in pregnant women. Insufficient reliable data in breastfeeding women.

  • Is VG-Guard suitable for children?
    VG-Guard is suitable for children 12 years and above.
  • Can I take it during pregnancy?
    Yes, VG-Guard is safe to take during pregnancy. However, the first trimester white discharge normally due to fluctuation of hormone. You may monitor and decide to take the supplement after the hormone level is more stable after the 3rd months.
  • Any side effects taking VG-Guard?
    Some may have loose stool when first time taking VG-Guard (Not cramping pain diarrhoea). The condition normally will improve in 2nd to 3rd weeks continuously taking VG-Guard.
  • Is takes how long for me to see the improvement on the condition?
    Depending on the condition. Some with minor candida overgrwoth can notice the improvment as fast within 2 weeks, we recommend a 2 months continuos intake to see the optimal result.
  • Should I take VG-Guard for long term?
    VG-Guard is a yeast strain probiotic supplement. One can stop at any time or you may take 1 capsule daily as a preventive supplement.
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