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Making Aging Irrelevant to Men

Don't Let Age Hold You Back

As men age, testosterone levels naturally start to drop – often as early as your 40s. This decline can impact the amount of testosterone produced and how your body utilizes it. Here's the key: androgen receptors. These receptors throughout your body act like doorways, allowing testosterone to enter cells and trigger important functions.


These androgen receptors can become less sensitive or even decrease in number with age. This means even if you have some testosterone circulating, your cells might not be receiving the signal as effectively.


This can lead to several unwelcome changes:

  • Low energy and decreased stamina (Struggling to keep up with workouts or feeling tired all the time?)

  • Reduced muscle mass and strength (Notice a dip in performance or finding it harder to build muscle?)

  • Diminished libido and sexual function (Experiencing a decline in sex drive or performance?)


These symptoms can be a sign of androgen deficiency and can significantly impact your quality of life.

See If Low Androgen Levels Are Holding You Back

Live Your Best Life, Any Age

AndroGuard is a revolutionary men's health supplement designed to address the core issues affecting your health after 40. 

Don't let age dictate your potential. AndroGuard empowers you to take control of your health and live your best life, at any age. 

Find out how AndroGuard can help men prevent aging!

Healthy Testosterone help reduce normal symptoms of Andropause in men over age 40

AndroGuard Keeps You Going!

Supports healthy testosterone production

Enhances free testosterone

Boosts energy and stamina

Supports muscle strength and performance

Improve endurance and stamina

Promoting overall well-being

A Full Clinical Dose in Every Tablet

Skip the guesswork. Get clinically proven results with the precise amount formulated for success.

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Product Details and Dosage

Each AndroGuard tablet contains: Trigonella foenum-graecum seed ext. dry conc. (Testofen®) (standardized to min. 50% Fenuside™)      200mg Panax ginseng C.A Meyer (Korean ginseng) root ext. dry conc. (standardized to min 25% Ginsenosides)     100mg

Directions: Take 1 tablet two to three times daily with a meal.​ Keep it in a cool, dry place. Keep out of children's reach.​ Not suitable for women and children. If you are taking a prescription medication, or have a medical condition, consult your doctor. This product contains ginseng. Do not exceed the stated dose.

  • Is VG-Guard suitable for children?
    VG-Guard is suitable for children 12 years and above.
  • Can I take it during pregnancy?
    Yes, VG-Guard is safe to take during pregnancy. However, the first trimester white discharge normally due to fluctuation of hormone. You may monitor and decide to take the supplement after the hormone level is more stable after the 3rd months.
  • Any side effects taking VG-Guard?
    Some may have loose stool when first time taking VG-Guard (Not cramping pain diarrhoea). The condition normally will improve in 2nd to 3rd weeks continuously taking VG-Guard.
  • Is takes how long for me to see the improvement on the condition?
    Depending on the condition. Some with minor candida overgrwoth can notice the improvment as fast within 2 weeks, we recommend a 2 months continuos intake to see the optimal result.
  • Should I take VG-Guard for long term?
    VG-Guard is a yeast strain probiotic supplement. One can stop at any time or you may take 1 capsule daily as a preventive supplement.
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