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LOW TESTOSTERONE! It is not limited to Libido problem.

Testosterone and Low T

Testosterone is the main hormone in men produced by the testicles. Testosterone binds and activates the androgen receptors, thus influencing a man’s physical appearance; builds muscles, and bone mass and contributes to his sexual development and sex drive. Testosterone production decreases with age, with a more significant decline after 40 years old. When Testosterone levels decline too rapidly, men can experience a range of disturbing and uncomfortable symptoms. The medical fraternity commonly labels these symptoms as Andropause symptoms. Low testosterone or often called low T happens when Testosterone levels fall below 300 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL).

More Men are affected by Low T nowadays

Several studies have confirmed that testosterone levels in men are lower in recent years as compared to a few decades ago. The cause of this declining trend isn't entirely clear, but evidence suggests that it could be the result of multifaceted factors, contributed by modernization and industrialization – increased food intake, the decline in food quality, lack of physical exercise, exposure to pollution and contaminants, increased in

stress level & etc.

Low T is not just about Sexual Performance

Although many could have automatically linked testosterone to sexuality, clinical findings showed that the most common Low T symptom is, in fact, loss of energy. Next is the sign of low motivation, followed by libido declines and other symptoms like moodiness and irritability. The feeling extremely tired and sleepy after lunch is, in fact, a common symptom affecting as high as 40% of men with low testosterone levels.

Men with Type 2 diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome are at higher risk of Low T!

Obesity (overweight), diabetes, and hypertension increase the risk of Low T to DOUBLE!

Research shows that Low T is closely associated with diabetes. National Health Service Diabetes UK reports that 16% of males with type 2 diabetes have lower than normal levels of testosterone and an additional 24% have testosterone levels very close to the bottom level, which totals up to 40% of diabetics have Low T problem.

Studies also show that men who have low T tend to be

• overweight with BMI over 30 kg/m2,

• Have waist circumferences greater than 37 inches

• Have a higher incidence of HbA1C level greater than 6.5%.

Activate Testosterone with Testofen® to Feel Good and Healthy

Testofen®, made from the extraction of a special Trigonella foenum-graecum seed, helps to reduce the symptoms of Low T by increasing the level of the body’s active testosterone.

Testofen® is not a hormone, and it works naturally by releasing the body's protein-bounded testosterone (non-active) so that more active testosterone can start to work effectively in the body. Only active testosterone can benefit your body and make you feel more alert and energized, without the undesirable side effects.

In just 8 weeks, taking Testofen® together with a regular resistance exercise was reported to help increase active testosterone levels, which provide direct benefits of increasing muscle mass, power & strength, strengthening lean muscles and improving men’s vitality.

Activates the body's active testosterone with Testofen® in AndroGuard at LAZADA or your nearby pharmacy stores.

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