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Is Sleep Deprivation Linked with Cancer Risk?

How much sleep do you get on a regular basis?

Your response could indicate more than just exhaustion or a lack of concentration. Sleep deprivation has been connected to the formation of cancer cells in the body.

Researchers discovered there is a link between breast cancer risk and melatonin, a hormone generated by the body to promote restful sleep. When melatonin levels fall, the body creates more oestrogen, which is a proven breast cancer risk factor.

Different research has looked into the link between sleep and other malignancies. Another disease that has been connected to sleep problems is prostate cancer. Men with moderate sleep problems have been proven to have a twofold increased risk of prostate cancer, while men with severe sleep problems are three times more likely to get cancer than men who receive enough sleep each night.

Get enough sleep to restore healthy body function!

We now know that regular, pleasant sleeping habits can help combat the development and spread of serious illnesses, including cancer, in addition to the obvious reasons to sleep well (better mood, healthier immune system, stronger mental capacity). Sleeping well may even reduce the odds of cancer remission, which is a huge relief after a distressing diagnosis.

For those with cancer, their troubles arise from the fact that cancer therapies and anxiety contribute further to poor sleep, which can lead to sleeping problems. Thus, it is important for a cancer patient to have a good sleeping pattern.

If you're having difficulties sleeping, try the following suggestions:

  • Create a consistent pre-sleep practice that will help you relax.

  • Avoid consuming too much alcohol or coffee.

  • Make everyday exercise a priority.

  • Use relaxation practises such as meditation or yoga to help you relax.

It's critical to obtain enough sleep every night, especially since it's now known that sleep patterns might influence cancer growth and progression. Sleep deprivation has been linked to an increased risk of cancer, which is concerning. It's also comforting to know that folks at risk of cancer can help fight against the disease by following a good sleep routine. Your immune system will be stronger and your body chemistry will be more balanced if you sleep well. Your ability to fight against growing cancer cells increases tremendously when your hormone levels are balanced, notably in the case of breast and prostate cancer.

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