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HIGH URIC ACID? It not just about GOUT!

High Uric Acid Ups Kidney Failure Risk

Many links uric acid to gout. But do you know that consistent high uric acid may cause other medical conditions as well, especially kidney failure?

In fact, 60% of those who already have gout attack symptoms eventually will develop kidney dysfunction if the high uric acid level is not managed properly.

Why High Uric Acid is Dangerous?

High Serum Uric Acid or technically known as Hyperuricemia, is a medical condition caused by excessive levels of uric acid in the body. Generally, it is considered high uric acid when blood uric acid is >7mg/dL (0.42mmol/L).

Uric acid is formed when the body breaks down purines, which is a substances in the human tissue and certain foods that we eat. In normal circumstances, uric acid will dissolve in the blood and moves through the kidneys where it is then passed out of the body via urine.

But when a person in a stress condition or intakes too many high-purine foods and the body failed to excrete uric acid fast enough, it leads to high uric acid concentration in the body.

Consistent high uric acid in the body, will have uric acid crystallization and end up causing havoc in various organs, especially kidneys damage, or in the joints where it causes gout.

What contributes to High Uric Acid?

Essential Management for High Uric Acid Patients

High Uric Acid level patients do not just need to monitor whether or not he/she has gout pain. But it is essential for the person to maintain a healthy uric acid level even though they do not have any gout attacks. This group of patients need to prevent organ damage from the long term high uric acid concentration in their blood level, especially in the kidney. Other than that, it is essential to manage the inflammation that already happens due to uric acid crystallization in the affected organs.

The Triple Herbs Therapy to the Rescue

The Triple Herbs Therapy in CrystaGuard (Ayuric, Tumeric, Boswellia) is an all-natural combination of 3 herbal therapy that helps to manage High Uric Acid problems like gout, and arthritis problem. Besides that, It reduces inflammation and exerts kidney protection properties which are essential for high uric acid patients.

Learn about the science of the CrystaGuard formula. Get CrystaGuard now in LAZADA or your nearby pharmacies for a healthy uric acid and kidney function.

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