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Men's ageing presents a unique set of challenges that differ from women's ageing; however, the right nutrition can help you feel your best at all times. Our The PrimAGE supplement line is crafted to get (and keep) you be in your prime always.

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Testosterone Booster

Testofen logo. Testofen is a patented Fenugreek extract standardized for 50% Fenuside™ proven to naturally boost testosterone levels. Testofen is available as AndroGuard in Malaysia market.

is a patented Fenugreek extract standardized for 50% Fenuside™ proven to naturally boost testosterone levels.

Prostate Protector

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is a highly standardized S. repens extract that has proven efficacy in maintaining healthy prostate function and supporting healthy bladder

Enhanced Sleep Quality, Reduced Stress & Improved Mood

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is a Zea mays (corn leaf)-derived, patented, clinically proven natural sleep aid, stress, and mood health ingredient that contains proprietary standardized natural compounds known to produce melatonin-like effects & reduce cortisol levels.

Keeping Your Eyes Looking Young

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is clinically proven bilberry extract has been the subject of five original published studies demonstrating that it relieves eye fatigue, improves eye dryness, and aids in the maintenance of clear, focused vision.

Uric Acid Modulator

Ayuric logo_edited.png

 is a clinically studied, vegetarian, water-soluble product for healthy uric acid level support.


Are You at Risk for These MEN'S HEALTH Issues?

As men age, one significant difference is that their testosterone levels gradually decline, which can result in the loss of muscle mass, increases in body fat and have an impact on their metabolism. This further speeds up the incoming of other ageing diseases including eye and joint disorders. The prostate may also enlarge, causing urination issues. While some of these changes are unavoidable, men can take steps to stay healthy and look their best as they age.


The PrimAGE Men's Complete Wellness Collection

Each has been designed to help men meet their daily health needs.

Rediscover The Confidence In You with The PrimAGE!

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